Chapter 1

I picked up one of the small pebbles hiding in the grass and dropped it lightly into the small river. I followed it along with quick paces, my eyes never dropping or missing the small grey pebble wich had not sunken to the bottom of the river yet. But had been swept away by its force in a hurry. After a few seconds the pebble bored me and I looked up into the trees. Jacob was still out with the pack. I missed him. Every second I had to be away from him tore my heart in two. I wanted to destroy every inch that could come between us. I knew that all this would take would be to run and tell him. Or ask him. My heart took an extra beat at the thought. But a neglection was just as likely as an acception.
I knew where my parents where and the rest of my family. They were hunting. I decided to stay behind. Being a half vampire didn't protect me from adolscense insecurity. It made it worse. I was terrified of the thought of Jacob seeing me hunt. He used to come with me when I was young. A girl. But now it had changed. I knew it was childish but I was... Embarassed. it made me feel like a monster. Less human. And how could he ever love a monster? I grimaced in disgust. I'd rather go hungry. Today was my 15th birthday and I knew that Alice wouldn't let it pass unseen. I smiled to myself. She could never leave anything alone could she? I walked a slow, human pace along the river watching it as it gracefully swept through all the twists and turns nature had given it. I sighed, thinking about all the twists and turns nature had given me. I was glad I could eat human food. It would give me a chance to go to highschool unnoticed one day in the future. The future. The word stung. I didn't like thinking about it. Being what I was, time wasn't just a gift. It was a loss. Losing the more human friends and near ones around you.

I knew he could live forever. If he wanted. But someday he would meet someone. A human. Not a monster. A girl that he would fall inlove with. And he would retire, have a family. Have a human life, in wich he would grow old with his wife. Die together and let time pass on without them. Something I could never do. Ever. I turned and headed for the little stone cottage, my home. It took me 3 seconds to enter the livingroom and sit down by my piano. I traced the keys with my fingers. It had been a gift for my 14th birthday. I thought about that. A week before my birthday I had found a old scrapbook under a bookshelf in the livingroom. I opened it and found pictures of my father. He looked exactly the same even though the date was over 10 years old. i also found a folded picture. I unfolded it and found my father holding my mother. But she wasn't pale she wasn't perfect. She looked diffrent. Fragile. And she had the same deep brown color eyes as me. I had taken the book and confronted them. All my life I had thought that this was the world. That I was perfectly normal. That everybody drank blood. That werewolfs were normal. And Charlie that he was just. Old. My father had looked meaningfully att my mother. She had looked down, ashamed. "Nessie." She whispered.
"What? I want to know the truth!" I shouted. My mother had reached out to embrace me but I had turned away. My father gripped my hands tightly. Forcing me to look at him. "Renesmee. Listen too me." He had said. "You- We are different. We are.. Predators." He said I could see in his eyes that he wasn't happy. "I know that." I said sternly. "We eat animals." I said. He looked away. "What I'm asking about is this." I had opened the scrapbook and showed them the picture of my mother. "We dont only eat animals. We are made too actually eat.. Humans." He said still looking away. I swallowed the lump in my throat. "We kill people?" I whispered. I tried to sound calm but my voice broke. He didn't awnser. I looked at my mother. She had also turned to look away. She was looking out the window. Into the woods. "Let go of me!" I had screamed. I had managed to wrestle myself out of his grip and I shot into my room. "Nessie!" My mother had cried. But it was too late I had jumped out of the window and I was already running through the woods. The tears were flowing down my cheeks. I didn't even know if i was going the right way but somehow I had managed to make it to Charlie's house. I had stopped a few feet away. Quickly wiped my eyes and tried to control myself. The scent from the humans from inside all of the different houses around me was overwhelming. When he opened the door he stared at me for what seemed and eternity. "Renesmee?" He finally said. I had nodded not wanting to open my mouth incase I started crying again. Then I had flung myself into his arms. He hesitated for a moment and then hugged me back. He led me into the livingroom and satt me down on the sofa. "So. What's this all about?" He had asked. "Ca-can anyone explain?" I whispered. "Explain what?" he asked. I looked up meeting his gaze he looked confused and frightened. "Explain what I am? What my parents are? What you are?" i asked hopelessly. "Oh." He said. "I see." He stood up and walked over to the phone. "Hello?" Billys familiar voice asked in the other line of the phone.
"Yeah, um hi. I've got Renesmee here and, um she sort of wants some information. Could Jacob come over maybe?" Charlie asked. "Oh." Billy awnsered. "Sorry. Jacobs out with the pack. Wont be back until tomorrow. Sorry Charlie.", "Oh, okay, thanks Billy ask him too come as soon as possible." Then he hung up. Charlie turned to face me. "Maybe I should call Bella and Edward." He said. "No! No you cant! I'll stay here until I get to talk to Jacob. If Im allowed to stay of course.". I had stayed that night and the next day Jacob came. I was sitting in my mothers old room waiting for him. He had stormed up the stairs and had slammed the door open. I curled into a ball and started crying.
He satt down next to me on the bed and took me in his arms. He had comforted me many times before in my childhood but this felt different, special. He explained everything to me. And in the end he managed to convince me to go back to my parents and apologize. I agreed, and he insisted on coming with me. My parents had welcomed me back and everything was back to normal.
I smiled at the memory. Oh Charlie. Then a sort of horror struck. With the future Charlie would die. I pushed the thought away and then suddenly something interrupted my thoughts. And then a second later he was at the door.
I opened it and smiled.

"Jacob.""Nessie." He was smiling too. My sun, my air, my need. "I want too show you something!" He said. He blind folded my eyes and took my hand.
He led me through the woods. I knew that we were at Carlisle and Esmes house I could feel it.
He led me through the door and then just before he took down the blindfold he whispered "Happy Birthday".
"SURPRISE!" Everybody shouted. Esme, Carlisle, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Charlie, Billy, my mother and father and the whole wolf pack was there. I smiled.
"Thank you." I said. Alice danced up to me, smiling. She hugged me and so did the rest of the guests. After that I didn't really know what to do. I had experienced many birthdays but each time I had always hated to take the first step. I looked pleadingly att Alice. Edward read her mind and started singing. OMG. Even though he was over 100 years old, he was still an embarrasing father. The rest of the family joined in and the whole house was filled with beautiful music like rain and sunlight together in a melody. At the end I noticed Charlie and Billy whiping away tears from there eyes. Then Alice's bright excited voice piped up; "PRESENT TIME!!" We all laughed when she handed me the biggest present (Obviously from her) and went; "Open it open it open iiiit!" I satt down on the floor infront of the sofa where everybody had gathered, but before I could open it I heard my father groan; "Alice...", "Shut up Edward!" 
I gently ripped the paper off and opened the huge silver box. Inside was a white cream coloured fabric. I held the dress up. It was strapless and knee length it was simple but beautiful. "Oh thank you Alice!!" I said and hugged her. She had obviously learnt over the years that I didn't always appreciate all of the hot pink ball gowns she'd given me for my birthdays. "No probs Nessie! Jasper helped me pick it." I looked at Jasper, he smiled and I smiled back. Rosalie and Emmett got me a... car. Carlisle and Esme got me a few ancient (But intresting) books. Jacob gave me a bright red motorcycle. My mother shot him a smile. The wolfpack got me a Quiluete tribe cloke. Billy and Charlie got me and Jacob movie tickets. I smiled at them. They had their tricks. My mother and father gave me a small black box. I opened it and inside I found a small crystal heart. I gasped. It was beautiful. My mother helped me attach it to my Quiluete braid around my arm. I smiled and hugged them both as I whispered; "Thank you.". Then I turned to the rest of the party. "Thank you." I said more loudly even though I knew most of them had already heard me. Suddenly we all heard footsteps fast ones. We all froze for a fraction of a second and then everyone relaxed. Except for me. And Jacob. I could hear the loud fast hammering of a heart in tact with mine. Esme was att the door in a second to let them in. They stepped in both smiling. The boy turned to me instantly.
"Renesmee" he breathed.
"Nahuel?" I whispered. It took half a second for Jacob to crouch and snarl loudly.

Postat av: Cassandra

åh, kan du inte översätta allt till svenska ?

vill gärna läsa (a)

och jag suger ju på engleska (:

2009-10-11 @ 19:46:24
Postat av: Astrid Cullen


jag älskar detta!!! snälla, fortsätt skriva!! :D

2010-01-28 @ 18:56:50
Postat av: ALICE ukulele

Åh nutte va fint! Jätte bra klara, snälla fortsätt!

2010-02-20 @ 12:33:04

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