Once upon a time, chapter 1

Once upon a time
Chapter 1
4 / 8 2008 
My thoughts moved slowly as I ran through the forest. Go, go, they're coming, faster, faster. 
My backpack seemed unnecessarily heavy and my legs probably wouldn't go much further.
Would it ever end? Could I never hide?
Just then the forest walls opened and the ground suddenly disappeared, one second I was flying, one second later I was falling.. Fast.
Breaking through the waters surface was like falling through glass and the air was suddenly gone.
I reached my hand out desperately in the water towards the light.
This was not what I wanted. Or was it?
Was there no other way? Nowhere to hide? 
The water embraced me and I panicked, but then there was a new feeling, a new word, it cut into my thoughts .. The word was quiet, simple and significant. 
I let the darkness embrace me and relaxed. At last, now it would end. 
My mouth opened and, I tried to catch my breath as water poured out of my mouth. 
I coughed while my eyes tried to adjust to the light and focus on all the people around me. 

'Once upon a time." bullshit. 
No ones story starts like that. And none of them end with "Happily Ever After ', either. 
Everything had gone wrong that day. Or rather, that evening. Two years had passed since then and my parents had just started to trust me again. 
They trusted that I wouldn't try to kill myself, again. But they didn't understand. It was obvious that they didn't. Of course I couldn't tell them. I couldn't tell anyone. But now, now we were moving away from them. The guys who called themselves the guardians, who said they were doing the right thing.
Did they really do the right thing when they chased me through a forest and off a cliff!? 
What did they want from me anyway?
Why did they want me in their 'gang'? 
They were monsters. big. Frightening. Freaks. 
We had at least moved to a safe, small and cold place. La Push.

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